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The new Expert Experts website provides a simple way to find out more information about fields of expertise and to locate high quality experts in those fields.

Our specialty is finding hard to find and unusual experts, so at any point in your searching don’t hesitate to complete a contact form or give our staff a call on 1300 72 66 55 and let us do the searching for you.

Read below for a quick guide to the key features of the new site.

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May 29, 2016

Every week we are loading more and more profiles of the high quality experts who are working with Expert Experts.

Finding an Expert

The new “Find an Expert” search allows you to quickly search the full text of:

  • Summary profiles of some of our team of Experts
  • Profiles of fields of expertise
  • Profiles of areas of legal practice
  • Profiles of areas of insurance

Each of those profiles including relevant links to cases and articles.

Field of Expertise profiles

Below is an example of a profile of a Field of Expertise. The Field of Expertise profiles contain a summary of the field to help you confirm if that is the field that is relevant to your requirements.

The profiles of experts in this field are linked to the Field of Expertise profile along with links to cases, articles, blog articles and related areas of legal practice and insurance. We invite our experts and our clients to suggest additional content and links to help make these profiles a great resource for all users.

Example of a Field of Expertise profile
Example of a Field of Expertise profile

Expert profiles

The expert profiles are designed to give you a thumb nail sketch of an expert, their career highlights, education, experience and professional membership and an easy way to request more information about the expert from our team.

Sample of an Expert Profile
Sample of an Expert Profile

Become an Expert

The website also offers an easy way for new experts to contact Expert Experts and commence the process of become a part of the Expert Experts team.

If you know of any experts who you think might be interested please send them the following link


Expert Presentations

Expert Presentations is a new feature of our website and allows you to look for experts who are keen to give presentations and meet with you and your team to explain what their field of expertise includes and some of the challenges that arise when providing expert opinions in that field.

Our experts regularly present for continuing professional development (CPD) programs.

Expert Presentations
Expert Presentations

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