Experts in this field are professionals focused on their studies in rheumatology, focusing heavily on rheumatic diseases. Rheumatic diseases may commonly refer to autoimmune, musculoskeletal and inflammatory diseases attacking the joints, muscles, bones and organs. Rheumatologists are trained to diagnose and treat – most commonly – many forms of arthritis, osteoporosis, gout, tendonitis, lupus, amongst many other pain conditions. These experts are specialist physicians skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases, they are also able to provide information as to the efficacy of ongoing treatment and management of the disease in question.

Rheumatologists can be of great help to the legal process. They are able to provide accurate diagnoses of individuals whilst also evaluating the efficacy of prior diagnoses and treatments. They have knowledge of best practice and industry standard procedure which may be of use in assessing if professionals undertook appropriate procedures in their diagnoses. This can prove significantly helpful in cases where rheumatic diseases form an integral part of the case. These diagnoses and information can often provide crucial evidence in cases.

Experts in this area are highly trained and medically competent. Most will have come from a medical background themselves having worked many years in the appropriate field of study to gain an impressive reputation and knowledge base in their rheumatological work. The specific specialisation and background needed in your rheumatology expert may be determined by the matter which requires examination.

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Expertise in Action

Experts in rheumatology can be called upon to assist in diagnosing musculoskeletal conditions, autoimmune diseases, and arthritis in individuals. They would be able to evaluate whether certain treatments provided in prior circumstances would have been effective or not. They are also able to provide information about best practice and industry standards within the field of rheumatology.

Sample Reports

For some fields of expertise we have some sample sections of de-identified reports. Please contact our office if you are interested in a sample.


The overall cost of expert opinion depends on the services required. Some of the key factors that affect the cost of advice include:

  • The need for a view or inspection of a location
  • The quantity of documentary material to be reviewed
  • Whether there are reports of other experts to be reviewed and commented on in detail
  • Whether there is a need for conferences with the expert either in person or by telephone/Skype
Relevant Articles Randall Cron, MD, PhD: The Role of Rheumatologists in COVID-19.

An interesting article describing how the specialisations of rheumatology may provide insight into how COVID-19 affects individuals in ways other fields may not have considered.

Rheumatic Flares Uncommon After COVID Vax.

A recount of a report by Arthiritis & Rheumatology regarding COVID vaccination and rheumatic flares ups.

Relevant Cases Apotex Pty Ltd v Sanofi-Aventis Australia Pty Ltd (No 2) [2012] FCAFC 102

A case relating to the patent and copyright of a drug used by rheumatologists.

Zachariadou v Downers-Brydon [2021] VSC 425 (19 July 2021)

A case whereby a GP, a rheumatologist and orthopaedic surgeon formed a medical panel examining the Plaintiff’s medical condition.

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A sample of our experts in Medical - Rheumatology

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