Laser tattoo removal is the most common form of tattoo removal, and is widely considered the ideal treatment modality. Tattoo inks are usually made from compounds of heavy metals, which give tattoos their permanency as they have particles too large for white blood cells to draw away from the skin. Laser tattoo removal uses an extremely hot laser operating on a very narrow frequency in order to split the ink particles and make them small enough for the immune system to process.

Laser tattoo removal is a delicate process, which ought to be carried out by an experienced dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. These healthcare professionals can offer both appropriate treatment, and suggestions for the necessary aftercare. Tattoo removal requires planning and tailoring on a case-by-case basis.

Laser tattoo removal is a complex process, with multiple variables to consider including skin colour, the ink concentration, and skin thickness. Colour also plays a part, as although black tattoo ink will easily absorb light from a laser, lighter colours are more reflective and thus more difficult to remove. Treatments are normally executed over a series of appointments, with the tattoo becoming progressively lighter.

The delicacy of the procedure does leave opportunity for error or injury. Individuals keen to see their tattoos gone might instead find the skin scarred. While all laser tattoo removal should feel like short bursts of searing heat on the skin, incorrect application could cause undue and lasting pain. Lawsuits alleging negligence and misconduct can arise from any complications.

For many individuals, these risks are still preferable to leaving the tattoo to endure.

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Laser tattoo removal, although a common and rigorous process, does carry an element of risk. There is no guarantee of results, and even proper execution could leave staining. Incorrect procedure can lead to complications such as disfigurement or lasting pain. To ward against this, laser tattoo removal includes a series of precautionary procedures to be undertaken before, during, and after the laser removal.

Some individuals are at a higher risk during removal than others. Those with sensitive skin are at greater risk of scarring, while individuals with darker skin could experience hypopigmentation as the laser strips the colour from their skin. For these individuals, more prior consultations with removalists and precautions such as spot checks are necessary. These more complex situations require greater attention and care which, if provided inadequately, can have serious ramifications.

Claims in the field of laser tattoo removal usually arise from allegations of negligence or misconduct. Claimants can be unsatisfied with the treatment they received, especially if it caused burning, scarring, or disfigurement. Disputes regarding pre- and post-treatment are also common, as individuals claim that removalists failed to warn them of potential complications in the consultations prior, or did not offer adequate advice for aftercare during the recovery period. The opinion of an expert is useful in these cases.

Expert witnesses in the field of tattoo removal vary in their role in the industry and specialities. Matters alleging negligence can call for the opinions of tattooists, tattoo removalists, or even chemists familiar with the ink compositions. Witnesses are often called upon to comment on a candidate’s suitability for the procedure, state-specific medical laws pertaining to the case, what devices can legally be used by practitioners of varying qualification and experience, and whether proper protocols were adhered to throughout. Expert testimony from professional tattoo removalists can also be sought in intellectual property cases where, for example, disputes about alleged infringements on technique occur.

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