Experts in this field work health and safety experts who have focused their studies on cleaning. WH&S relates to the management of risks to the health and safety of anyone visiting a business, including workers, customers, and suppliers. In this case, it primarily relates those carrying out cleaning tasks and anyone who might be affected by the manner in which they are performed. Cleaning can have potentially dangerous consequences if WH&S standards are not observed.

Some of the consequences of inadequate WH&S procedures in cleaning can be very detrimental, including injury to cleaners and passers-by. There are the usual musculoskeletal considerations of any work space, but amplified due to the hazardous aspects of cleaning, such as slip hazards, potentially toxic chemicals (to people and surfaces, if improperly used), and many more. Proper WH&S also dictates the frequency of cleaning and disinfection, which is especially pertinent to health-based services and certain areas of the building such as bathrooms.

WH&S expertise in this area is usually sought to promote the well-being of all visitors and workers in a space, and to ensure safe practices are being promoted and enforced and after cleaning has been done. Protecting workers and visitors in this way both safeguards their personal health and the interests of the company in which it has taken place, protecting them from legal action.

Experts in this area come from many professional backgrounds. Many will come from a sanitation background, having worked in cleaning before. Some will be trained OH&S experts, or generalised ergonomists. They may also come from a medical background, from doctors specialising in injuries at work to physiotherapists. The specific specialisation and background needed in your cleaning expert will be determined by the matter which requires examination.

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Expertise in Action

Experts in WH&S as it relates to cleaning can be called upon to assist in policy design, enforcement and creation of safety measures, injuries sustained at work as a result of a cleaning related issue, and cases involving disinfection.

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Relevant Cases FOX v LEIGHTON CONTRACTORS PTY LTD & ORS [2008] NSWCA 23 (7 March 2008)

A case in the appellant was injured during the cleaning of pipes which had been used to pump cement.

Ryan & another v A F Concrete Pumping Pty Ltd & another [2013] NSWSC 113 (26 February 2013)

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Downview Pty Ltd v Fox & Ors; Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd v Fox & Ors [2008] HCATrans 386 (14 November 2008)

Line cleaning procedures analysed as they relate to an injury sustained on a work site.

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A sample of our experts in Work Health and Safety - Cleaning

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