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This expert has contributed much to the field of toxinology in Australia. Toxinology is the study of animal, plant and microbial poisons, venoms and toxins from chemical, biological, structural and ecological perspectives. He currently works as a Professor of Pharmacology at a leading Australian university, directs a prominent pain research centre and is a researcher for the National Health and Medical Research Council.

ID11193 graduated from an Australian university with a Bachelor of Science and later a PhD over 30 years ago. He worked as a Fisheries Biologist and Principal Scientist for the Queensland Government, before taking up academic positions as a lecturer, reader, research fellow and professor at an Australian university. Much of his research has focused on the analysis and characterisation of venoms from marine animals and the use of molecular pharmacology to enhance them for drug development. His research chiefly aims to help people by eliminating forms of chronic pain. For many years, this expert was also the Chief Scientific Officer of an independent company aiming to manufacture such drugs for testing.

ID11193 has received numerous grants and international recognition. He was an Invited Speaker at the French Toxinology Society, the IST International Conference and the IBC Antibodies and Beyond Antibodies Conference, to name a few. Further, he has contributed to over three hundred peer-reviewed journal articles and is the inventor of multiple patents.

Education and Experience Highlights

  • PhD
  • Bachelor of Science

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