Forensic Fire & Explosion Investigator #ID7449

ID7449 has more than 35 years’ experience in forensic fire and explosion investigation, and related areas of forensic science. He has investigated more than 3,000 fire and explosion scenes, including over 350 fatal incidents.

He has extensive knowledge and experience in:

· fire and explosion scene examination

· fatal and serious injury incidents

· interpretation of thermal injury distribution

· gas and vapour explosions

· electrical systems and causes of fire

· assessment and interpretation of documentary and photographic evidence

· road vehicle, heavy industrial vehicle and other transport fires

· process and equipment failures

· laboratory testing and analysis of all types of fire-related evidence

· computer modelling and visualisation techniques relevant legislation

Career Highlights

  • 8 years
    Forensic Science Laboratory

    ID7449 received training in many techniques relating to drugs and toxicology, criminalistics, crime scene examination and evidence retrieval.

  • 20 years
    Fire Investigation Unit

    He specialised in the investigation of fires, dispersed phase explosions and other combustion-related phenomena including carbon monoxide poisoning and thermal injury.

  • 1999 - current
    Director / Principal Consultant

    ID7449 provides expert opinion to solicitors, insurers, prosecutors, police and fire services both in Australia and overseas. He has given evidence as an expert witness on many occasions in legal proceedings, including criminal and Coroners courts and also military and civil hearings.

  • ID7449 has delivered theoretical and practical training programs on police, fire service and forensic science training courses to professional bodies in Australia in overseas. He has also been a visiting lecturer, instructor and tutor at several prestigious universities in Australia and overseas.

  • ID 7449 has authored several publications on the investigation of fires.

Education Highlights

Education and qualification highlights include:

· Associate Degree equivalent in Chemistry

· Electrical Wiring Theory and Practice

· Diploma of the Forensic Science Society in fire investigation (accredited post graduate diploma)

· Certified Fire Investigator, International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAICFI)

Employment Highlights

In addition to investigating more than 3,000 fire and explosion scenes over 350 fatal incidents, ID7449 has been intimately aware of, and performed quality assurance checks on, hundreds more investigations carried out by colleagues.

He is qualified and experienced in fire scene examination and interpretation, together with the laboratory analysis of materials recovered from fires and victims, and interpretation of results.

ID7449 has been involved in training fire officers, crime scene investigators and forensic scientists in all aspects of fire and explosion investigation for over twenty years.

He has lectured on electrical causation of fires to numerous fire service, police and forensic science training courses.

ID7449 has given evidence as an expert witness on numerous occasions in criminal, civil, military and coronial courts in Australia and overseas.

Membership Highlights

Membership highlights include:

· Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers (MIFireE) 1985

· Fellow of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences (FCSFS) in the discipline of fire and explosion investigation (this category of professional membership is awarded only to individuals who have achieved distinction in forensic science and related areas over a significant period)

· Member of the Australia & New Zealand Forensic Science Society

· Member of the International Association of Arson Investigators

· Member of the NSW Association of Fire Investigators

· Member of the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPAA)

· Member of the UK Fire Protection Association (FPA)

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