Experts in the field of vascular medicine diagnose and provide treatment for disorders of the heart and blood vessels including:

  • Atherosclerosis and Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)
  • Aneurysms
  • Raynaud’s Phenomenon (Raynaud’s Disease or Raynaud’s Syndrome)
  • Buerger’s Disease
  • Peripheral Venous Disease and Varicose Veins
  • Blood Clots in Veins (VTE)
  • Blood Clotting Disorders
  • Lymphedema

Issues such as peripheral arterial disease is a major cause of premature death worldwide. As an age-related process, PAD will become much more prevalent in decades to come as the population ages. Apart from PAD’s effect on mortality, there is the risk of serious disability. There are tens of thousands of strokes annually, and many are left with a permanent neurologic deficit, which is devastating to both the patient and the family. Patients with arterial disease may also be limited by chest pain (angina pectoris), exertional leg pain (claudication), extremity ulceration (tissue loss), and even amputation. Vascular experts would be able to examine the extent to which certain symptoms of PAD, for example, are either exacerbated, incited, or caused by certain circumstances.

Medical experts in vascular disease also treat venous disorders, which range from unsightly (spider veins), to uncomfortable (varicose veins), to disabling (chronic venous insufficiency). Although many venous problems are chronic, thromboembolic events are acute and life-threatening. A solid understanding of the basic principles of venous disease can help the clinician effectively diagnose and treat these challenging patients.

Vascular experts can be of great help to the legal process. By assessing the general health and capacity of a person’s vascular health, these experts would be able to assess the extent to which vascular diseases informed the circumstances of a case. This would be particularly useful in cases relating to instances where vascular symptomology may have contributed to damage or negligence on the behalf of a party. The specific specialisation and background needed in your epidemiologist expert will be determined by the matter which required examination.

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Expertise in Action

Our expert witnesses in the field of vascular medicine are well versed in providing opinions based on their extensive careers in the field. They may give opinions regarding peripheral artery disease, aneurysms, clots, and associated procedures, treatments, and tests undertaken.

Our medical experts are most commonly engaged by our clients for medical negligence (e.g. misdiagnosis, prescribing incorrect medication or treatment, failure to warn of side-effects, failure to refer to a specialist) and personal injury claims.

The correct management of most vascular problems include obtaining a history, performing a physical examination, and gathering information from other diagnostic testing. These steps will then lead to logical and appropriate patient care.

Sample Reports

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The overall cost of expert opinion depends on the services required. Some of the key factors that affect the cost of advice include:

  • The need for a view or inspection of a location
  • The quantity of documentary material to be reviewed
  • Whether there are reports of other experts to be reviewed and commented on in detail
  • Whether there is a need for conferences with the expert either in person or by telephone/Skype
Relevant Articles Peripheral vascular disease treatment

There are two main types of treatment used in the management of peripheral vascular disease(PVD): 1. making lifestyle changes to improve symptoms and reduce your risk of developing a more serious cardiovascular disease (CVD), such as coronary heart disease., 2. taking medicine to address the underlying cause of PVD and reduce your risk of developing another cardiovascular disease. For example, a statin can be used to lower your cholesterol levels. Surgery may be used as a last resort.

Vascular disease risk higher for some youth with type 1 diabetes, research finds

Some children with type 1 diabetes (T1D) have an increased risk of developing vascular disease in early adulthood, a study has found.

Relevant Cases Strempel v Wood & Anor [2003] WADC 145

An expert vascular surgeon was asked to give evidence about a medical negligence trial relating to an amputee that received knee-replacement surgery

El-Badawi v R [2021] NSWCCA 196 (20 August 2021)

An instance whereby a vascular surgeon provided evidence relating to gunshot wounds.

Estate of Nitopi (No 2) [2021] NSWSC 748 (25 June 2021)

Vascular health became a point of contention in determination of how the deceased may have passed. This required an abundance of medical evidence.

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A sample of our experts in Medical - Vascular

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