Our Referral Process

The Expert Experts team has many years of combined experience across a range of industries and fields.

  1. You contact Expert Experts requesting assistance in finding a suitable expert in a particular field.
  2. We will confirm receipt of your request immediately and in most cases contact you to discuss your requirements.
  3. We will forward to you details of an expert that we consider is a good match with your requirements. If necessary we will search for an expert.
  4. You will review the recommended expert and if necessary you may speak to the expert to confirm that they are suitable.
  5. If you agree that the expert is suitable for your requirements, you will request that we provide a quote and you will provide us with all of the documentation and information that the expert requires to provide a quote.
  6. We will then provide you with a written quote – possibly a quote for preliminary conference with you to discuss the request and then another quote for a full review and report.
  7. Once you have confirmed in writing that you accept a quote the services covered by the quote will commence.
  8. When the report is ready it will be released to you on payment of the invoice for the quoted services.

Contact us at answers@expertexperts.com.au or give us a call 1300 72 66 55

Expert Experts sources experts in all disciplines for lawyers, insurers, government and industry across Australia


Since 2001 Expert Experts have been helping clients across Australia find the right expert to address their evidentiary requirements across many areas of law.

Let us help you save time and cost.

Contact Details

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