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ID16272 Qualified Senior advisor in power system & Electrical Engineering, Specializing in power system, utility sector, power quality and UPS and Battery design for a major engineering firm. ID16272 has been an expert point of reference or developing, introducing and launching the product technically and commercially in Australia and New Zealand. Electrical Circuits, power circuits, Power Quality & Critical Power, UPS, Power system, Electrical Vehicle, Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Storages (Lithium-ion & VRLA Batteries), Energy Aware UPS systems, DER and Energy market analysis.


  • Building Codes and Standards: In-depth knowledge of relevant building codes, regulations, and industry standards pertaining to electrical systems in construction.
  • Electrical Design and Installation: Expertise in electrical design principles, power board, Electrical switch gears and infrastructure, including wiring, circuitry, grounding, electrical loads, and equipment installation.
  • Electrical Safety: Understanding of electrical safety practices, protocols, and regulations to ensure compliance and prevent hazards during construction and occupancy.
  • Fault Analysis and Investigation: Ability to analyze electrical faults, failures, and malfunctions in buildings, identify their causes, and provide expert opinions on liability and responsibility.
  • Construction Defects: Familiarity with common electrical defects and deficiencies that may occur during construction, such as improper wiring, inadequate grounding, or non-compliance with electrical codes.
  • Industry Best Practices: Knowledge of best practices and industry standards for electrical system design, installation, maintenance, and inspection in building construction.
  • Expert Reports and Testimony: Proficiency in preparing expert reports and delivering expert testimony in a clear, concise, and authoritative manner that can effectively support legal claims or defenses.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Matters: Understanding of local, state, and national regulations related to electrical systems in building construction, including permits, inspections, and compliance requirements.
  • Damage Assessment: Ability to assess and quantify damages resulting from electrical failures or construction defects, including evaluating the cost of repairs, replacement, or remediation.
  • Communication and Presentation Skills: Strong communication and presentation abilities to effectively communicate complex technical concepts to legal professionals, judges, and juries who may not have technical backgrounds.

Research Interests:

  • DC & AC charging and power systems.
  • Lithium ion and VRLA Storage systems
  • Frequency control and active power in power Grid- FCAS
  • Voltage control and Reactive power Grid, VCAS.
  • Power quality and critical power deign.
  • Battery storages and applies autonomy.
  • Sustainable sources as DER and user like Electrical vehicles In power system.
  • Energy Efficiency in Smart Building
  • Renewable Energy systems and Applications in buildings
  • Smart building and Renewable energy
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency
  • Cost efficiency of PVs into commercial, educational and healthcare buildings
  • Power system data analysis and network performance controlling aspects
  • Energy market tariff research and optimization
  • Smart grid planning and control with Smart Buildings
  • Sustainable cities, buildings and green technology policies

Education and Experience Highlights

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Integration of Renewable Energy with Power Systems

Master of Science (Power Electrical Engineering), Power System Engineering

Bachelor of Science (Power Engineering)

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