Nursing - Standards and procedures #ID1229

ID1229 is a Registered Nurse with extensive clinical experience and an independent provider of expert evidence related to the standard of nursing care. ID1229 is extremely well versed in medical and legal terminology, having worked as a registered nurse for 50 years, a wound care consultant and a provider of expert evidence for over two decades. .

ID1229 is registered with AHPRA, and holds a Master of Public Health from the University of New South Wales and both a Master of Health Law and Master of Clinical Nursing from the University of Sydney.

ID1229 is the founder and CEO of an independent consultancy providing information about wound care, infection control, pressure injury prevention, management and education.

Some of the specific areas of expertise studied by this expert and reported in peer-reviewed journals include:

• Emergency department triage misdiagnoses

• Wound management

• Pressure ulcers and subsequent limb amputation

• Falls and their consequences (particularly in aged care facilities)

• Cannulation/venepuncture and their consequences

• Choking episodes and their consequences

• Nursing laws, standards, policy and procedures

Career Highlights

  • Founder and CEO

    Private consultancy

    Creator of independent website offering free information on prevention and management of wounds.

  • Panel Member

    Nurses and Midwives Board Tribunal

    Nurses and Midwives Board Tribunal (now part of NCAT)

  • Wound Care Consultant


    Medicare Local, Western NSW

  • Consultant

    A public hospital

    Infection Control Consultant

  • Research Assistant

    Hospital Infection Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit

    Research Assistant in Infection Control / Wound Management

Education Highlights

  • PhD candidate
  • Master of Health Law
  • Master of Public Health
  • Master of Clinical Nursing
  • Graduate Diploma Clinical Nursing
  • Emergency Nursing Certificate
  • Cardiac Nursing Certificate
  • Diploma of Psychotherapy and Counselling
  • Intensive Care Certificate

Employment Highlights

  • Wound Care Consultant
  • Member – Allied Health Aged Care Panel, St George Division of Practice
  • Wound Care Consultant
  • Wound Care/Infection Control Consultant
  • Infection Control Consultant
  • Clinical Nurse Consultant of Wound Care
  • Casual Academic and Clinical Facilitator
  • Casual Lecturer
  • Research Assistant in Infection Control / Wound Management
  • Clinical Nurse Consultant in Infection Control
  • Registered Nurse

Membership Highlights

  • Inaugural Life Member – Wound Care Association of New South Wales
  • Reviewer for Health and Care Research – Research for Patient and Public Benefit Wales, UK
  • Member – Nurses and Midwives Board Tribunal
  • Member – Australian Pressure Ulcer Panel
  • Member – National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP; USA)
  • Member – European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP)
  • Member – NSW College of Nursing
  • Member – University of Sydney Post-graduate Association
  • Member – Australian Wound Management Association Inc.
  • Member – Polio Association, NSW Branch
  • Member – Aged Care Reference Group NSW Nurses and Midwives Association
  • Member – Medico-Legal Society of NSW
  • Member – Australia Lawyers Alliance
  • Group Reviewer – Cochrane Collaboration Wounds

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