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ID1687 is a Pharmacologist, Forensic Toxicologist and Chemist with more than 20 years’ professional experience. He has held numerous management and executive level positions with leading drug testing organisations, international government departments and institutes focussed on forensic medicine.

ID1687 routinely researches and evaluates aspects of chemical manufacture; affects of drugs on human performance including driving; the role of drugs in deaths, poisonings and exposures and interpretation of drug use in the workplace.

A highly skilled expert witness, ID1687 prepares reports and testifies throughout Australia and internationally in a range of medico-legal matters associated with:

  • Criminal Law (e.g. drug facilitated sexual assault; DUI and DUID; cause or contribution to death; human performance and behaviour; poisonings; drug importation, possession, supply and manufacturing; and matters relating to the legal status of drugs)
  • Family Law (including the interpretation of urine, drug and hair testing results; Liver Function Tests (LFT), Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin (CDT) and Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) testing and result interpretation);
  • Personal Injury, Medical Negligence, CTP, Insurance claims;
  • Workplace Accidents (involving the cause and contribution of drugs and alcohol to an incident); together with matters including exposure to chemicals and other poisons;
  • Workplace Disputes (including the interpretation of urine, oral fluid and/or hair test results and compliance with acceptable drug testing procedures).

Education and Experience Highlights

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, Forensic Toxicology, National Medical Services Inc
  • PhD, Medicine (VIFM)
  • BSc (Hon), Pharmacology/Toxicology
  • ID1687 has also won several scholarships.

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