Orthoptist - Visual Perception #ID8945

ID8945 has 50 years’ experience as a specialist orthoptist, during which time he has served in a variety of professional and academic positions. His field of expertise is the relationship of eyes and vision with the workplace and physical world, involving considerations of what environments make for comfortable vision and what hazards might inhibit this. Another of his specialties is the clinical examination of colour vision and the standards and discriminatory practices surrounding the area.

ID8945 has extensive experience as an expert witness, having provided expert legal opinions throughout the past twenty years in civil and criminal cases as well as federal tribunals. His testimony is often sought in relation to vision and lighting factors in road and workplace accidents, eye injuries and protection, a witness’ ability to observe events, and workplace colour vision needs, standards and discrimination issues.

Having completed both his undergraduate and doctoral studies in London several decades ago, ID8945 has consistently obtained accolades and further qualifications, including a Diplomate in Public Health and Environmental Optometry. He has contributed to, refereed, and served on the editorial boards of several professional and academic journals.

Early in his career, ID8945 practiced in Australia as an ophthalmic optician in a range of roles at various practices. More recently, his academic career has taken him throughout Asia and the United States. His contributions to the field have been recognised through the awarding of several honorary life member titles, and memorial and emeritus positions.

Career Highlights

  • Senior academic

    2016 – Present
    An Australian University

    Served on the university staff as a lecturer and professor for over thirty years, almost a decade of which was spent as Head of School.

  • Member

    2011 – Present
    Colour Society of Australia

    Was a founding member of the Colour Society of Australia and since then has served in numerous board positions.

  • Award

    Standards Australia

    Was recognised for his extensive involvement with Standards Australia, chairing or serving on numerous committees concerned with eye protection and applied vision such as with retroflective devices or traffic signal lanterns.

  • Research Author

    1974 - Present
    Various publications

    Has published numerous research publications mainly in his designated areas of principal professional specialisms, with his work featured in journals prominent among the worldwide ophthalmological community.

Education Highlights

  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Ophthalmic Optics (Optometry)
  • PhD in Ophthalmic Optics (Optometry)
  • Diplomate in Public Health and Environmental Optometry

Employment Highlights

  • Professor, School of Optometry and Vision Science
  • Professor, Director Optics & Radiometry Laboratory
  • Head of School, School of Optometry and Vision Science
  • Managing Ophthalmic Optician

Membership Highlights

  • Fellow of the British College of Optometrists
  • Fellow of the Illuminating Engineering Societies of Australia and New Zealand
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry
  • Honorary life member of the International Colour Vision Society
  • Honorary life member of the Colour Society of Australia
  • Registered by the Optometry Board of Australia

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