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Finding the right expert has never been easier and you pay no more than if you did the leg work and found the expert yourself.

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May 09, 2017

We will find you the right expert

Expert Experts sources experts in a wide range of fields. We have existing connections with hundreds of experts and our specialty is in finding those hard to find experts.

It is much easier working with an expert who is familiar with standardised processes for briefing, obtaining quotes, participating in conferences and conclaves.

Pay no more!

Importantly you pay no more to use an expert profiled on our website.

This means that you avoid all the challenges of locating a suitable expert, negotiating the terms of the retainer, explaining your requirements and obtaining delivery on time.

An Example

Your case involves complex issues that requires expert opinion in a specific industrial process.

You spend time tracking down a suitable expert, obtaining details of their expertise and availability and then negotiate terms of the retaining. They quote you $6,000 for their services.

Had you contacted Expert Experts and obtained a suitable expert you will save you and your staff time.

Additional benefits:

  • No cost or obligation until you accept a quote
  • Free preliminary conference call with expert to confirm suitability
  • Due diligence checks on all experts
  • Terms of engagement
  • Standard quoting and invoicing procedures
  • Expert Experts assists you in co-ordinating the process (let us ensure timelines are met)
  • Expert Experts assists the expert to understand what you require of an expert

The fastest way to get started is to simply call 1300 72 66 55

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If you would like to read about some of the fields of expertise or the profiles of some of our experts follow the link below:

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