Experts within the field of telecommunications are often knowledgeable about the design and manufacturing process of telecommunication devices. The field of telecommunications is one of the most rapidly innovating sectors in today’s society. The layperson is finding it increasingly difficult to keep abreast with latest developments, such as connectivity between mobiles phones, tablets, televisions, networkable domestic appliances such as personal assistants, hubs, routers, smart-home technology, new generations of smart connectivity in motor vehicles, personal fitness trackers, 5G, and the various incarnations of NBN (FTTP, FTTN, FTTC, Fixed Wireless). Experts may be able to provide professional knowledge which may cut through the expanding and increasingly complicated development of telecommunication systems.

In business, the problem of telecommunications complexity is compounded due to processing online payments, managing apps, multiple staff accounts, website design and compatibility between Android and iOS, etc. Furthermore, keeping all these devices secure from fraud and hacking adds a further degree of difficulty.

An expert in telecommunications can specialise in mobile phone technology, internet, Wi-fi, regular telephony, app programming, domestic and business networking, security, data storage and recovery, forensic disk imaging, cabling, the regulatory regime, and social media. These experts may assist in legal proceedings, particularly assisting in the assessment of defective products and technological failings. Telecommunication experts with a commercial background, may be able to assist in marketing assessment, contractual disputes, and issues related to the production and design of telecommunication devices/service. 

The specific specialisation and background needed in your telecommunications expert will be determined by the matter which requires examination.

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Expertise in Action

An expert in mobile phones can give opinions on various aspects of telecommunications in court cases, such as data recovery and analysis, mobile phone contracts, technical faults, staff usage policies, social media and censorship issues, networking integration, child protection issues, etc. In criminal cases, evidence about a suspect’s or victim’s location or movements may rely upon a mobile phone’s pinging the nearest signal towers and this critical data will need to be interpreted by experts working both for the defence and prosecution.

Sample Reports

For some fields of expertise we have some sample sections of de-identified reports. Please contact our office if you are interested in a sample.


The overall cost of expert opinion depends on the services required. Some of the key factors that affect the cost of advice include:

  • The need for a view or inspection of a location
  • The quantity of documentary material to be reviewed
  • Whether there are reports of other experts to be reviewed and commented on in detail
  • Whether there is a need for conferences with the expert either in person or by telephone/Skype
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5G stands for "fifth generation mobile". It builds on the current 4G network but promises to deliver higher peak connection speeds and lower latency, or time delays. 5G's higher connection speeds will be possible thanks to improved radio technologies, increased allocations of radio spectrum and by using many more antenna sites or base stations than today's networks.

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