Expert Skills #ID10471

‚ÄčID10471 is a highly qualified security and safety expert with police, prison, mining, military, emergency service, counter terrorism and roping/climbing experience.

ID10471 has served as a Police Emergency Management Officer specialising in both land and marine search and rescue, accident first response, and disaster relief. He has worked in a Police Tactical Response Group, and also worked as an Emergency Management Officer for an international mining company, and a Prison Officer specialising in responding to serious incidents such as riots. He has also been an Infantry Solider and part of the Military Police in the Australian Army Reserves.

Having a thorough background in advanced medical and health and safety, ID10471 has trained staff in tactical disciplines, coordinated emergency agencies, planned high risk police operations, and assessed security threats.

ID10471 has qualifications and experience in weapons firing, heavy vehicles, tactical training, marine search and research, diving, rope climbing and descending, navigation, and marine search and rescue.

He has also planned many high risk tactical police operations dealing with staff safety, resource management, liaising with internal and external agencies, and the impact on the public and community.

ID10471 has specialist skills in roping and climbing and has been responsible for the maintenance, training and development of roping/climbing capability including rappelling, climbing, (both natural and urban), fast roping, airborne rappelling, arborist access and protester removal while working in the police.

Education and Experience Highlights

  • Senior First Aid and Advanced Medic Training
  • Qualifications in Advanced Airway Management, Cannulation, Intubation and Pain Management
  • Certificate II in Emergency Medical Service First Response
  • Weapons / Tactics / Vehicle courses related to High Risk Tactical Policing
  • Advanced Driver Training
  • National Counter-Terrorism Committee Exercise Management Course
  • Vertical Rescue Certificate
  • Tactical Roping and Tactical Roping Supervisors Course
  • Lead Climbing Course (Urban and Rural)
  • Marine Search and Rescue
  • Police Dive Course
  • Advanced Diploma in Business Management
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

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