Real Estate Expert #ID1332

ID1332 boasts exceptional qualifications and industrial experience in all aspects of the real estate industry, particularly in the management of office blocks and shopping centres.

She has worked as a Property Manager and Sales Representative for many firms across Sydney since 1976. She became a partner of a major Ray White branch in 2001 before excelling to become the Principal of an independent agency.

Complementary to this experience, she has also worked as a trainer for the Corporate Learning Centre of the Real Estate Institute of NSW, educating prospective agents on such areas as the Residential Tenancies Act, tenant interactions, marketing of premises and lease negotiations.

ID1132 also writes and presents regular Personal Development Programmes which focus strongly on risk management.

This expert is very familiar with the legal processes of providing expert opinion.

Career Highlights

  • Leasing and Property Manager

    2010 to 2015
    Real Estate Agency

    Responsible for management of all commercial and retail properties in the firms portfolio.

  • Principal

    2001 to 2007
    Independent Real Estate Agency

    Organised rent roll, developed solid residential base and managed an entire neighbourhood shopping centre, strip shops and a commercial 18 tenancy building

  • Trainer

    1990 to 2007
    Real Estate Institute of New South Wales

    Organised and presented classes on areas such as the Residential Tenancies Act, the Retail Leases Act, lease negotiations, policies and procedures, budgeting, marketing and outgoings.

  • Rent Roll Manager

    Real Estate Agency

    Was sought out to correct inconsistencies in firm’s rent roll, spending a total of 6 months culling unprofitable businesses and setting rent roll on a solid basis for growth.

  • Member

    1976 to 2015
    Real Estate Institute of New South Wales

    Member of Property Management Chapter. Full member and frequent presenter of Personal Development Programmes on topics such as Retail Property Management.

Education Highlights

Education and qualification highlights include:

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent
  • Accredited Trainer

Employment Highlights

Employment highlights include:

  • Trainer – Real Estate Institute of New South Wales
  • Leasing and Property Manager - at a number of independent, network and franchise agencies
  • Principal
  • Partner
  • Rent Roll Coordinator
  • Sales Representative

Membership Highlights

Membership highlights include:

  • Member of Property Management Chapter – Real Estate Institute of New South Wales
  • Past Member of the Property Management Chapter Committee – Real Estate Institute of New South Wales

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