Registered Psychologist #ID1118-2

Expert ID1118-2 holds a Masters in Forensic Psychology and has practiced as a Registered Psychologist for the past 10 years. Expert ID1118-2 has extensive experience in assessing psychological capacity in medico-legal settings across a range of jurisdictions applying different legal tests. That includes conducting forensic testing in relation to general cognitive capacity as well as specific questioning in relation to comprehension of issues specifically relevant to testamentary capacity, capacity to understand a power or attorney including an enduring power of attorney, to appoint an enduring guardian, to give gifts, and other general transactions.

Fields of Expertise

Career Highlights

  • Expert ID1118-2 is a registered psychologist with a Masters of Psychology (Forensic).

  • Expert ID1118-2 has extensive experience in conducting psychological functioning and has conducted over 900 forensic assessments.

  • Expert ID1118-2 has experience administering and interpreting psychometric assessments in forensic settings to determine capacity.

Education Highlights

  • Master of Psychology (Forensic)
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychology
  • Psychiatric Disability Awareness (Attorney General’s Department NSW)
  • Managing High Risk Situations (Attorney General’s Department NSW)

Employment Highlights

  • Expert ID1118-2 is a highly skilled psychologist with 10 years experience conducting capacity assessments.
  • Has prepared mental capacity assessments across a wide range of areas.
  • Experience using a range of psychometric testing and report writing for a variety of medico-legal and forensic agencies, Courts and Tribunals.

Membership Highlights

Registered Psychologist with AHPRA

Member of the Australian Psychological Society

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