Microbiology and Virology #ID12317

ID12317 has published more than 60 original research papers and invited chapters. He has presented his original research work at numerous national and international scientific meetings.

He has been active in the translation of research into practical outcomes through commercial ventures and academic collaborations and is an inventor on 10 patent families.

Research interests

ID12317 has longstanding interest in the application of research to practical and commercial processes. This is reflected in contract and collaborative research agreements with the pharmaceutical and biotech industries since 1991.

In 2003 a portfolio of technologies from his laboratory relating to the control of infectious diseases (diagnostics, vaccines and antivirals) was licensed to a start-up biotech company. Three commercial diagnostic products are now sold worldwide based on this technology. A fourth (for the diagnosis of active syphilis) entered extensive laboratory trials in 2011. The vaccine technology has been sublicensed to a German biotechnology company.

Career Highlights

  • Deputy Director

    2001 - current
    Australian medical research institute

    Primary responsibility for facilitating translational research and commercialisation across the Institute.

  • Deputy Director

    2017 - current
    Australian medical research institute

    This role combines ID12317’s long experience in research commercialisation (including my ongoing translational R&D) together with strategic direction for the Institute in the areas of diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics, and their application to unmet medical needs especially in resource-poor countries. This includes direct negotiation with commercial partners, venture capital and other funding organisations, as well as close involvement in programmatic and field research on the validation and implementation of appropriate technologies.

  • Senior Principal Research Fellow

    2006 - current
    Australian medical research institute

    ID12317’s work has led to a number of commercial products addressing urgent and unmet medical needs, currently in use or entering extensive field trials worldwide and has established an internationally recognised track record in successful innovation leading to major ongoing product R&D and validation programs funded by UNITAID/WHO, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Malaria Vaccine Initiative, the US NIH, the Government of Nanjing (PR China), and the Government of Victoria (Australia). ID12317’s laboratory also works closely with the Australian biotechnology industry to support product innovation in diagnostics using our unique technologies.

  • Principal Fellow

    2004 - Current
    Australian university

  • Australian university

    Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Department of Microbiology and Department of Immunology

  • Visiting Professor


    University Medical Centre, American University

Education Highlights

  • BSc (Hons)
  • PhD

Employment Highlights

  • Research Officer, Hepatitis Research Unit, an Australian Centre for Medical Research, Australian hospital
  • Senior Research Officer, Hepatitis Research Unit, an Australian Institute of Medical Research
  • Head, Hepatitis Research Unit, an Australian Centre for Medical Research
  • Associate Lecturer, Department of Microbiology, Australian university
  • Associate Senior Lecturer, Department of Microbiology, Australian university
  • Principal Investigator, Hepatitis E and B R&D syndicate, an Australian Medical Research Institute
  • Visiting Associate Research Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine, American University
  • Senior Research Fellow (Level A), NH&MRC
  • Senior Research Fellow (Level B), NH&MRC

Membership Highlights

  • Member, Executive of the Australian Centre for HIV and Hepatitis Virology (ACH2)
  • Member of the Victorian Ministerial Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (scientific representative) 2005-2008
  • National Advisory Committee, Poliovirus Containment Project (laboratory containment of wild-type polioviruses), 2000-2003
  • Member of the Committee of Chairs of Animal Ethics Committees (2005-2008)
  • Executive Secretary (1997-2006) and President (2007-2008), Australian Centre for Hepatitis Virology Inc
  • World Health Organisation – Working Group on the Prevention and Control of Viral Hepatitis, Western Pacific Region, 1998
  • Director, Board of an Australian Institute for Medical Research and Public Health Ltd (2006-2011)

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