Work health safety, sport safety, & risk management consultant #ID7857

ID7857 has over 15 years of experience as a risk management consultant, specialising in safety dynamics as the owner of a risk management consulting firm. He focusses on the design and development of sustainable safety systems, including considerations of hazard management and emergency management. He also has an interest in the effective management of psychological safety factors, such as the relationship between unique organisational cultures and their workplace safety outcomes.

ID7857’s role as a consultant frequently includes working as an expert witness, most often in matters regarding sports and fitness, such as physical education cases, and trampolining injuries. He conducts assessments of working conditions, from both OH&S and ergonomics perspectives, regularly. Aside from the fitness industry, he has worked in numerous sectors including community services such as aged care, transport and logistics, and manufacturing.

After completing his undergraduate studies in applied science in Melbourne, ID7857 went on to consistently attain a range of qualifications in OH&S, including certificates and diplomas focussing on risk management strategies. His academic career also included working as a lecturer in gymnastics at several Australian universities.

Further to his academic achievements, ID7857 is a certified instructor in a variety of sports, and it was there that he they began his career. Coaching gymnastics for a decade, he came to be a high-level coach who worked with the Australian Institute of Sport. From here he co-founded a business focussed on developing and applying gymnastics programmes within schools, before branching further into developing risk management plans for a variety of fields of motion as the owner and director of a consulting business.

Career Highlights

  • Director

    2004 – 2014
    Private Consultancy

    Advised organisations on potential risks to profitability or existence of their company, identifying and assessing OH&S threats and how to neutralise them through management plans.

  • Psychological Safety Developer

    2002 - 2014

    Partnered with Bridgeworks to develop an inline tool designed to measure and monitor organisational cultures and the impact that they have on workplace safety outcomes.

  • Lecturer

    1998 - 2003

    RMIT University, Australian Catholic, Ballarat University, Monash University Lectured at several Australian Universities in gymnastics

  • Director

    1998 – 2002
    Private Consultancy

    Provided services to community sporting clubs and physical education facilities, conducting assessments and developing risk management plans.

  • Co-Founding Director

    School gymnastics consultancy

    Developed and applied gymnastics programmes for Australian school students, taking into account a variety of risk factors.

  • Head Coach

    1990 - 1993
    Victoria Institute of Gymnastics

    Instructed high-level gymnasts and gained exposure to the extensive risks and injuries associated with professional athletes, during this time also worked as a satellite coach with the Australian Institute of Sport.

Education Highlights

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Physical Education)
  • DISC Accredited, Integro Learning Systems
  • Competencies - Administer the Implementation of Fatigue Management Strategies, Apply Fatigue Management Strategies
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessments
  • Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health, Safety and Ergonomics

Employment Highlights

  • Head Coach, Gymnastics
  • Lecturer (Gymnastics)
  • Risk Management Consultant, of a Private Consultancy
  • Trainer and Assessor (Transport and Logistics)
  • Facilitator / Business Developer, Bridgeworks
  • Principal Consultant in OHS, WHS and Risk Management in a private consultancy

Membership Highlights

  • Member of the Change Management Institute
  • Member of the Southern Safety Group
  • Member of the Safety Institute of Australia

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