Judo is a modern Japanese martial art and combat sport that originated in Japan in the nineteenth century. The objective of the sport is to:

  • Throw an opponent to the ground
  • Immobilise or subdue an opponent with a pin
  • Force an opponent to submit with a joint lock or choke

Judo is a rigorous and physically demanding sport. It helps develop basic and fundamental physical fitness such as the development of strength, agility, speed, balance, power and endurance.

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Judo carries a risk of injury ranging from mild to fatal. These injuries are usually sustained by amateurs who may suffer contusions, sprains and strains. However, experienced competitors may also suffer severe injuries when sparring or fighting.

Experts in this field are essential in cases involving injuries that occur while practising judo and to help determine liability.

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Relevant Articles Judo injuries

Judo is a contact sport; consequently, injuries are fairly common, although serious injuries are rare. Some of the most common judo injuries are explored in this article.

Japan Confronts Hazards of Judo

Hundreds of children in Japan have suffered catastrophic injuries while practising judo.

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  • #ID1703-1

Martial Arts Expert / Human Movement Specialist expert

ID1703 is a martial arts professional with a competitive career spanning over 20 years and more than 1,000 fights, both in Australia and internationally. He continues to stay within the martial arts industry as a world class training facility owner, teacher and coach to students and professional fighters.

  • #ID7857

Work health safety, sport safety, & risk management consultant expert

ID7857 is an expert in risk management consulting, with extensive qualifications and experience in the field of ergonomics. He has worked as a specialist in safety for over 15 years, including in the manufacturing, sports and transport industries.

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