Process Engineering Specialist #ID10710

ID10710 has over 35 years of process engineering experience, mainly in the fields of water and wastewater treatment, coal quality and preparation, and process efficiency auditing. Within these sectors, he can engage in both aspects of applied science such as sampling, and organisational factors such as contract management. He also makes assessments regarding due diligence.

As the field of process engineering is so diverse, ID10710 has a breadth of expertise which makes him a highly valuable and versatile expert witness. His forensic aptitude is likewise enhanced by his work as an accredited mediator and his studies in the legal field. Further, he has experience in expert determination and is a Professional Member of the Resolution Institute.

While completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Queensland, ID10710 began his practical experience in the mining industry while working at an international mining Research and Development Laboratory in Mackay during his vacation time. After completing his PhD in Chemical Engineering, he branched into water treatment. He still engages with the academic field as a fellow of several institutes, producing abundant research publications.

Professionally, ID10710 has spent the last fifteen years as consultant both for a wastewater treatment plant operator, and as a self-employed director of his own more diverse consulting firm.

Career Highlights

  • Director

    2004 – Present
    Private Consultancy

    Provides specialist advice in areas such as mine water treatment and marketable reserves definition, facilitates industry dispute resolution, and offers practical services such as water and mineral sampling.

  • Senior Principal Consultant

    2004 – Present
    Private Consultancy

    Develops and delivers practical solutions to water challenges on all components of the water cycle, alongside regional clients, local governments, and water authorities.

  • Accredited Mediator

    2017 - Present
    National Mediator Accreditation Standards

    Conducts Alternative Dispute Resolution processes during the drafting of contracts or in order to address disputes during their early stages, to avoid having to proceed to arbitration or litigation.

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Chemical Engineering

    Australian University

    Hydrodynamics and hydrodynamic modelling

  • Research Author

    1985 – Present
    Various publications

    Authored an impressive body of work spanning numerous books and journals, with numerous papers focussed on water, coal, and minerals.

Education Highlights

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Metallurgical)
  • PhD (Chemical Engineering)
  • Accredited Mediation, National Mediator Accreditation Standards
  • Presently completing a Diploma in Law, Legal Profession Admission Board

Employment Highlights

  • Laboratory Manager and Consulting Manager
  • Senior Management
  • Senior Principal Consultant, Private Consultancy
  • Director, Private Consultancy

Membership Highlights

  • Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia (CP Chemical Engineering, NER)
  • Fellow of the Australasian Institution of Mining and Metallurgy (CP Metallurgy)
  • Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ)
  • Member of the Australian Coal Preparation Society
  • Member of the Australian Water Association

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