Vocational assessor / Work option identification #ID9608

Expert ID9608 has extensive clinical rehabilitation experience and in recent years has specialised in the conduct of vocational and earning capacity assessments.

Expert ID9608 commenced their career as a Business Analyst in the occupational rehabilitation industry, gaining experience in the operational aspect of the industry before working as a Rehabilitation Counsellor/Consultant at a senior level for various providers.

Expert ID9608 has gained experience in managing both psychological and physical claims, conducting job seeking meetings to place injured workers into suitable employment, conducting medical case conferences, and conducting various assessments, including earning capacity assessments, vocational assessments, transferrable skill analyses, and initial assessments. Expert ID9608 also has extensive experience working within various insurance schemes, including Worker’s Compensation, CTP, and Comcare.

Career Highlights

  • Expert ID9608 is a qualified Rehabilitation Counsellor and a full member of Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counselling (ASORC). Expert ID9608 also has a Bachelor of Child and Family Development.

  • Expert ID9608 has extensive clinical experience in conducting medico-legal assessments, while maintaining ongoing experience performing case management of insurance claims across Worker’s Compensation, CTP and Comcare.

  • Expert ID9608 has conducted numerous job seeking meetings with injured workers who have sustained psychological and physical injuries and have placed such individuals into jobs across a range of industries, including health care, emergency services, hospitality, construction, logistics, transportation and clerical.

Education Highlights

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counselling
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Child and Family Development
  • Full Member of Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counselling (ASORC)

Employment Highlights

  • Extensive experience in Transferrable Skills Analysis, Vocational, Initial and Earning Capacity Assessments
  • Specialised interest in case management and return to work services for physical and psychological claims, and has successfully placed numerous of injured workers into suitable employment
  • Demonstrated labour market knowledge through active canvassing of clients to secure Work Trials and Job Cover Placement Programs
  • Developing strong relationships with medical practitioners, employers, insurers and clients to ensure progression of claim
  • Knowledge of WorkCover NSW and MAA NSW legislation

Membership Highlights

  • Full Member of Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counselling (ASORC)
  • Qualified Career Development Practitioner - Career Industry Council of Australia
  • Comcare and CTP qualified

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