Psychologist, vocational assessor #ID9610

Expert ID9610 has practised as a Registered Psychologist since 2002.

Expert ID9610 has extensive experience in the areas of vocational, psychological function and earning capacity assessments in a range of settings including in recruitment, occupational rehabilitation and medico-legal contexts.

Expert ID9610 has consulted in the Government and private sectors, and provides rehabilitation consultancy services and assessment reports for various claims under WorkCover, CTP, Comcare, Life Insurance. Expert ID9610’s work includes providing return to work planning and counselling to individuals re-entering the workforce after injury, illness or long term unemployment. These skills have been built onto Expert ID9610’s earlier career in employer human resources, undertaking all aspects of recruitment and selection programs, including candidate profiling and job placement.

Expert ID9610 has worked in private treatment practice, providing adult psychological treatment for a range of mental health issues.

Expert ID9610 continues to provide occupational rehabilitation, including evidence-based treatment interventions, and assessment reports for compensable and non-compensable cases.

Career Highlights

  • A registered psychologist with extensive experience in earning capacity, employability, vocational and psychological assessment. Expert ID9610 has assessed well over 900 individuals.

  • Specialist knowledge of psychological illness and injury in the context of occupational rehabilitation. Expert ID9610 has experience with workers from a wide variety of occupations, organisations and industries, including emergency services (NSW Police, Fire & Rescue NSW, NSW Ambulance Service, State Emergency Service).

  • Expert ID9610 has been employed by major rehabilitation providers and has experience in case management and achieving successful return to work outcomes for both compensable claims and non-compensable redeployment.

Education Highlights

  • Diploma of Psychological Practice
  • Master of Science (Psychology)
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology)

Employment Highlights

• Expert ID9610 has worked with rehabilitation providers, private clinical practice and specialist medico-legal organisations. Expert ID9610 has worked on compensable claims under various schemes (WorkCover, CTP, Comcare, Life Insurance) with a range of Insurers and has understanding of Workers Compensation and other schemes agents roles and guidelines.

• Expert ID9610 has over 10 years experience in earning capacity, employability, psychological functional capacity and vocational assessments.

• Experience in psychological counselling/treatment for a range of mental health concerns, as a Medicare approved provider and ATAPS (Access to Allied to Health Care) approved provider

Experience using a range of psychometric testing in the context of vocational and psychological assessment including aptitude tests, personality tests, symptoms scales/inventories, vocational interests measures.

Membership Highlights

  • Registered Psychologist – Psychologists Registration Board, AHPRA
  • Associate Member Australian Psychological Society

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