Overuse syndrome or repetitive strain are the terms used to describe a wide range of overuse injuries affecting the muscles, tendons, and nerves of the body such as the neck, back, chest, shoulders, arms and hands.

Symptoms of overuse syndrome may include:

  • Muscle discomfort
  • Pains and aches
  • Muscle tightness
  • Numbness

There are a number of causes of repetitive strain injuries. Most commonly it is due to any repetitive work or activity performed for a long period of time.

Other factors that can lead to these injuries may include:

  • Forceful holding or movement
  • Lack of proper workplace practices
  • Poor ergonomics
  • Continuous awkward postures and movements

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Expertise in Action

Experts in overuse syndrome and repetitive strain are essential in cases of work related injuries and can provide opinion on a range of issues including:

  • Investigating the causes of repetitive strain or overuse syndrome injuries
  • Assessing the ergonomics of workplace environments that may cause repetitive strain or overuse syndrome
  • Assessing the safety of industrial ergonomics

Sample Reports

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The overall cost of expert opinion depends on the services required. Some of the key factors that affect the cost of advice include:

  • The need for a view or inspection of a location
  • The quantity of documentary material to be reviewed
  • Whether there are reports of other experts to be reviewed and commented on in detail
  • Whether there is a need for conferences with the expert either in person or by telephone/Skype
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Occupational overuse syndrome (OOS) is a type of injury common to fingers, hands, wrists and elbows. It is caused by repetitive movements or awkward postures. OOS is also known as repetitive strain injury or RSI.

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A worker claimed that he developed a back injury and repetitive strain injury to his neck, left shoulder and arm in the course of his employment.

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